Fintoid cracks the code of stock market opportunities through unrivaled AI technology so that brokerages and financial institutions can perform like never before.

AIFintech partners with AIF Quantum investment fund to provide AI and deep learning-powered strategies to make successful alpha-led investment decisions.

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Cracking the Code of the Market.

The stock market - there's nothing random about it.

The stock market is loud, and even the best financial analysts can’t drown out all the noise, and that’s why financial algo-tools are often used in today’s world to enhance performance. It’s no secret that computers have the ability to scan massive data in real-time and retroactively.  However, Wall Street still hasn’t been provided with technology that enables cracking the market code to obtain real success.    


FINTOID-an an adaptive tool that can react to the dynamic changes in the stock market. It is a superintelligence, deep-learning system that scans massive market history-even decades back, analyses it to find the patters and identifies outstanding opportunities to predict outcome.

It short, it crushes the market and cracks the code. Results?

You beat your benchmark.

FINTOID is that superintelligence, deep-learning system that scans massive market history- even decades back, analyses it to find the patterns, identifies outstanding opportunities and predicts the outcome.  In short, it crushes the market and cracks the code.  Results?  You beat your benchmark.   

How it Works

Scan. Identify. Predict.

FINTOID Technology rigorously learns, processes, and draws conclusions for action through massive computation, imitates traditional trading strategies in the capital market, and predicts future trading results in accordance with the behavior of the assets on an axis of time / information / result. 

Artificial Intelligence

Fintoid mimics the capabilities of expert financial analysts, yet crushes data that is too massive for a human to process.

Machine Learning

Deep learning algorithms that use multiple layers to progressively extract higher-level functions from the raw input.


Fintoid identifies patterns and draws conclusions that enable analysts to identify stocks that have extreme market potential, and to act with unparalleled chances of success.

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